What does your vehicle wrap design say about your brand?

Advertising your business on your vehicle is an easy thing to do. And it works. Instead of pouring all of your marketing dollars into strategies that may or may not pay off, using vehicle wrap designs are a highly effective way to get people to notice your business.



Most businesses can benefit from a good vehicle wrap design.

More than anything else, wrapping your company vehicles are a great way to increase your brand awareness, which is another way of saying the amount of people who recognize you. Where once billboards were advertising that everyone wished they could use, now your vehicles are your mobile billboards. Advertising vehicles are transforming the way that companies are reaching their customer base.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to look into logo development. That is where an effective vehicle wrap starts – with a great logo. Once you’ve developed that, it’s a short step to adding a color scheme, graphics and your company information, all in ways that grab the public’s attention as soon as you drive by.


Most businesses can benefit from a good vehicle wrap design. Your number one goal is to gain brand awareness in everything you do with your business. Advertising vehicles with a wrap that people come to know as yours is priceless as a marketing strategy. Besides gaining brand awareness, you are building trust with the public. You are showing people that you’re serious about what you do, and that you take the lead with authority.

Here’s how to get your vehicle wrap design done right:

  • Be clear in your goals. Define exactly who you are as a company.  How do you want to be perceived, how do you want to “show up”.  What do you want people to think about you?
  • Make your message as clear. There’s no room for error here. Simply put: What is it you do for people?
  • You only have seconds to get your message across. When people are driving, they will only have 3 to 5 seconds to notice you. What will they see? You’d better make it good.  This is why a professionally designed, easily recognizable and memorable logo is so important.  It’s even more important when you’re a small business and don’t have the budget to spend millions of dollars on repetitive TV ads to get people to remember who you are.

Lastly, remember what we say here at SmartWrap:  Branding is not about getting noticed, it’s about being remembered!



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