Design Vehicle Wraps

Designing a beautiful vehicle wrap isn’t just about information, it’s about placement. You need the content to be easily readable in a moment’s notice. Consider wraps you’ve seen in the past and think about what grabbed your attention versus what failed to impress. These design tips will help you create a perfect vehicle wrap.

Start With a Template

As an SUV, pickup and coupe are shaped so differently, a template allows for accurate spacing while designing the wrap. This way, you can avoid having information cut off by panels or distorted by bends in the vehicle.

Make It To Scale

You don’t initially design a vehicle wrap at a 1:1 ratio. This simply is too large of a file. Instead, it is designed at 1:20 of a scale. You can still see all necessary information with this design method and can then print at a 1:1 scale.

Understand Your Layers

A vehicle wrap is not a single piece of material. Each panel, bumper and window is its own layer. By cutting the design into individual layers it will help offer a custom, fits-like-a-glove appearance.

Finalize Your Design

After completing the design, don’t forget to look it over carefully before printing. This will help you avoid distortion around door openings, windows and bends, not to mention silly mistakes like a spelling error or incorrect phone number.

When done correctly, a vehicle wrap can help you market your company in the blink of an eye. You just need to make sure the wrap is designed properly, capable of delivering your message in the time it takes to pass another vehicle on the highway.