Can I Finance a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is one of the best ways to stretch your marketing budget. However, unlike other forms of marketing where you pay as you go, with a vehicle wrap you purchase the wrap and pay up front for advertising that will last for years. If you don’t have the available capital for such a promotional tool don’t worry though, as it is possible to finance the wrap. This way, much like other marketing avenues, you can pay over time. With SmartWrap, financing your vehicle wrap is as simple as a four step process.

Step 1

Head on over to the SmartWrap financing page. The entire application process takes 30 seconds.

Step 2

After filling out the brief application, you’ll receive a verification phone call from “QuickSpark,” the in-house financing company. QuickSpark will provide you with a financing package designed just for your particular needs.

Step 3

After your phone conversation, QuickSpark will email you all the necessary documentation to complete the financing process. You just need to sign the documents and send the information back online. After this you will have no more documentation to fill out or any cumbersome back and forth email conversations.

Step 4

That’s it! Focus on your business and you’ll receive a call regarding the delivery time.

With the financing services available through SmartWrap, you’ll have a beautiful wrap for your vehicle and a payment you can afford on almost any budget. Contact SmartWrap today to begin your new advertising venture and take your company to the next level.