You Should Have Had Your Car Wrapped Yesterday

We hate to tell you this but…you should have had your car wrapped yesterday. Well, actually you probably should have done it long before that…but we aren’t judging! In all seriousness though, if your business isn’t utilizing vehicle wrap as a form of advertising you are truly missing out.

How do we know this? Check out this statistic. One car wrap can get between 30,000 and 70,000 views in a day! That’s one heck of a big audience that you are missing out on. Business owners spend hours a day trying to brainstorm new ways to get additional eyes on their brands and really, it’s as simple as getting a vehicle wrap. Still not convinced? That’s okay, here are six reasons that will get you pretty excited about the idea.

If your business isn’t utilizing vehicle wrap as a form of advertising you are truly missing out.

1. Vehicle Wrap Yields the Lowest Form of CPM than any Other Outdoor Advertising Method

Wrapping your vehicle allows you to create a mobile billboard for a fraction of the cost of most advertising campaigns. As humans, we are attracted to moving objects rather than stationary ones so, knowing this, more and more people are utilizing this great method of advertisement. The ROI (return on investment) potential is endless.

2. Add Professionalism to Your Small Business

If you have a small business, you understand the struggle of a smaller budget. Fortunately vehicle wrap is affordable and as we already mentioned, the ROI is higher than any other form of outdoor advertising. Vehicle wraps add that extra bit of professionalism that will not only spread the word about your business but also make your company look organized and well assembled.

This is especially true if you are in an industry that requires home visits like a delivery or service operation. Homeowners will feel more comfortable when a person from your company pulls into their driveway with a branded vehicle wrap as opposed to simply a personal vehicle. Think of it as a business suit. If you have a big meeting you don’t arrive in sweatpants right? The same can be said for your ride. Get ready to make a great first impression.

3. Reach a Wide Audience

There are many types of advertising these days and as a result, consumers often block out this extra “noise” before it can disrupt them from what they are doing. Vehicle wraps however have the upper hand in this department. This is one great advertising technique that doesn’t interrupt the viewer. How do you feel stuck in rush hour traffic or when you are waiting for that seemingly endless light to turn green? We are visual creatures and in times of boredom, we are constantly looking for something to entertain us. This is where your vehicle wrap comes in. People will notice your cool logo, image or tag line and (if you’ve don’t it right) they will remember you!

By using vehicle wrap, you are reaching out to a much larger audience than you could in virtually any other sector of advertising. When consumers don’t feel trapped in some type of marketing message they are much more inclined to learn about your product or service with an open mind.

4. Increase Brand Recognition

No matter whether you are a mom-and-pop store or a large corporation, the importance of branding can’t be overlooked. Studies have shown that consumers will begin to recognize your brand when you create images, taglines and logos. Brand recognition is essential for getting your targeted customers to do business with you. By decking out your fleet of vehicles in branded wrap you are inevitably raising your brand awareness and recognition. This means that even customers who are not yet ready to buy or use your service will have a better chance remembering your company when they are ready to pull the trigger on their purchase.

5. Your Employees Tend to Act More Professional

This may be one benefit you never even considered! If your employees are driving their company wrapped vehicle, studies have shown their behavior will remain more in line with your company’s code of ethics. If you were driving a company car that had all your business and contact info on it would you flip off the person in front of you who just cut you off? Probably not. This is just one possible scenario, think of the many times we act out as drivers of anonymous vehicles. Once our company (and essentially management) could be contacted about our behavior during work hours, we might rethink many of those behaviors.

Okay, now that you know just a small sampling of the benefits, can you understand why we are saying you should have already invested in commercial vehicle wrap? It’s alright! It’s not too late to jump aboard this mobile marketing venture.

Tim Hilcove


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