Top 10 Automotive Blogs To Follow

Auto Express is a great resource for more information and the best reviews about current and upcoming vehicles. They are very active in social media and post great articles with a lot of pictures and additional links for more information.

Totally Motor is an amazing resource for new, used and aftermarket automobile accessories. Their latest product reviews are very in-depth and provide a great guide when looking for aftermarket accessories.

The Car Addict is an amazing perspective from the female’s point of view when it comes to anything auto related. Being very active on social media she is able to promote great causes such as #SaudiWomantoDrive. If you haven’t followed, liked, or +1’d this blog I would do so immediately.

My Ride Is Me is a very image based site that provides visitors thousands of amazing pictures and news about upcoming auto events around the nation. If you visit the site make sure to check out the “great pictures” tab which recaps some of the amazing events that have been held recently.

Motor Torque has a great site which really breaks down the auto industry. You are able to view latest reviews, videos & browse their great image galleries. Their blogs are very informational and contains great resources for the everyday motorist. Check out their IOS or Android App for the latest car reviews and news.

Jay’s Car Blog is a fantastic look into the auto industry from a regular guys perspective. With funny and interesting videos and up to date major auto industry news, it is the perfect balance of fun and information.

Hemmings Daily is a blast from the past in the auto world. With its retro focus of the amazing automobiles through the decades it gives visitors a chance to see the beautiful history of the automobile industry.

Many people talk about the beauty of cars but Desert Motors captures that beauty in its photos. With amazing resources such as free wallpapers and links to some great auto sites, they need to be bookmarked on your computer.

Auto Media is a great company for all your vehicle advice! With its DIY project guides and features on current and upcoming eco-friendly automobiles this blog is a must read. They are very active in social media and post great pictures and news about events. If you haven’t yet you need to like, follow and bookmark this site.

Auto Guide provides visitors tons of options when researching vehicles such as forums, tips and advice and auto comparisons. They have an amazing series called the “top 10s” where they highlight different tips, accessories and ideas.