Custom Vehicle Wrap Trends | April 2013

Matte black has been the most popular finish in custom vehicle wraps for quite some, but did you know there are other colors and finishes available?   3M 1080 Scotchprint Wrap Film Series now includes over 40 different types of colors, finishes and textures.  In addition to matte black 3M now has the following colors in matte finish: pink, purple, red, orange, green, yellow and even a matte blue-metallic!

3M vinyl vehicle wrap
3M 1080 matte orange

At SmartWrap, matte pink and orange have been trending up over the last few months.  Matte accents, instead of complete wraps are also becoming more popular.  Matte accents allow people to customize their vehicle without having to wrap the whole vehicle.   Popular accent customization projects include wrapping the hood, roof and trunk or hatch.

At SmartWrap the Kia Soul is the vehicle we are seeing the most of when it comes to custom wraps.  Kia’s are marketed to a younger demographic and the focus is on the uniqueness and individuality of the vehicle.  Also, the Kia’s  base price allows room for a customization budget.  The Chevrolet Sonic and Scion xB have also been popular.

Another trend that is starting to gain traction is dealer financed wraps.  Some automotive dealers have caught on to the customization trend and now offer financing on custom vehicle wraps.  In fact, they roll it into the loan so the out-of-pocket expense is minimal.  The added benefit of a vehicle wrap on a brand new vehicle is should you choose to remove the wrap after a couple of years, you will have pristine paint underneath.  Provided of course the people doing the install did not use knives liberally during the install process.  Pristine paint could be helpful when it comes time to trade in your vehicle.

Besides the new matte colors, 3M has also released a new matte satin finish.  This finish is slightly more shiny than matte, but a lot more matte than gloss finish.  This new satin finish is extremely practical from a maintenance perspective.  Matte finish films and finishes show fingerprints, especially sweat or greasy ones!  These prints are easily removed with isopropyl alcohol, but not everyone wants to be removing fingerprints all the time.  The satin finish, with its slight gloss really hides the fingerprints and requires a lot less cleaning.

Here is a 30 second video of a matte pink Kia Soul.  See more custom vehicle wraps on our Facebook Page

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